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spooksquad_ wrote in sf_cosplay
There was so much talk about DC this year at other cons, and a bunch of us were in on it, I thought I'd ask here:  What are everyone's plans for D*C, and are we doing any group projects??  This is a great forum for working out all the details on any projects, since we still have so much time to plan.

I know there was some talk of a Dr.Who thing (which I LOVE and am SO in on), Super Mario, Star Trek (I think). 

So I was just  wondering. What's everybody doing??  :)

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I would LOVE to go to Dragon*Con. There is still talk of my friends (and boyfriend) about going. I, unfortunately, would probably not costume my first year. xD; Unless I got Ulala done and probably another one that could fare heat well.

Just no guarantees about that as of yet. I'd looove to get photos of any of those listed.

Fare heat well? OMG, I'm dying with the current temperatures. September in ATL in full costume is going to kill me. Ready the Gatorade!

Ready the huge effing bottle of water too. M I Rite?

You gotta replace those electrolytes, though!

Time to plan? Of course. Time to execute? Well...

Geez, I don't know about group projects, since we were tossing around so many ideas. (In my heart, I still want to be a turret...)

By the time DCon rolls around, I'll probably have my Kanda, Hibari, TYL!Hibari, steampunk geisha, and popcorn person ready. I want to wear them all! There aren't enough days! lol

There was some talk about Bleach characters. Out of the list you've got up there, the only one I'm likely to do is Dr. Who, and my TARDIS idea was more as a costume for someone else to wear. I don't look like any Dr. Who characters... ^_^;

You could always be a dalek. *gets bricked*

No, no, and no. Besides, I don't have that voice distortion thingy.

I just hope I get to go! If we can, I'll probably have Nyu/Lucy from ElfenLied, Kula Diamond, and Rin Asano ready by then, not to mention I have to make Sasuke's costumes too since he isn't at all arts and crafts savvy. He's going to be K Dash, Kyo Kusanagi, Manji

Jeez...same boat as you. I hope I can go. XD; The worst of the hurricane season is around D*C time.

You're gonna let a stupid little hurricane stop you?? You are so not hardcore. lol

Yeah, we're concerned money-wise...like, if anybody wants to room with us then hotel wont be a problem...it's just eating out and getting into the con that costs a friggin ton

I'm planning on camping out on the floor of a room that already has around 6 people in it. Otherwise, I'd offer to buddy up. As for eating and stuff, I've found that various snacks brought from home and the Peachtree Center are the best way to go. On the flip side, I plan on eating quite well in the big Asian neighborhood on Monday or something. Anyone want to go with?

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