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Convention Reports.
aeronautdreamer wrote in sf_cosplay
Hey guys. I'd like to ask something of everyone that is present on the board.

Would anyone please submit con reviews of everything they go to? I mean, an unbiased view of what was good and what was needing to improve.

I just wonder if anyone would be interested in doing this. A few questions to ask would be:

How was the dealer's room?
How was the panel listings?
How many people showed up?
What were the guests like?
Was the price to enter way too high or reasonable?
Was the facility accommodating?
Was this a first year con or otherwise?
How was your experience? List the pros and cons.
What's the rating of 1 to 10?

If there are any reviews, I'd like them to be in separate entries under LJ cuts. Photos are much obliged, if you have them. :3


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