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seresutodesuka wrote in sf_cosplay

Today I am searching online for K Dash Items. (Cosplay for my husband) K's jacket is rather easy to find...however....

I have looked one every website, and every Ebay seller that carries his Jacket. THEY ARE ALL LIKE $100 to $500. I like cosplay as much as the next Otaku, but I can't drop $100 plus for a jacket! My price range is more like, Under $50. I just need it to be faux leather, not the real stuff. Vinyl, Pleather, whatever, is what I need.

Apparently the jacket style has like three names, Cafe Racer Style, Scooter Style, or Vented Style.

My search continues...

IF anyone knows a good place to find this jacket for cheaper that $50...PLEASE send me a link!!

X-posted to all cosplay groups I have joined.

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I'm sure you could find a Simplicity pattern at Walmart and alter it :D they usually have pleather there as well. I'd definitely recommend sewing a jacket like that. ^ ^ It turns out much cheaper and usually looks just as good if not better. I altered a pattern for my Grell Sutcliff Red Coat from an overshirt pattern. xD It's awesome.

Good luck! ~

Kaz <3

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