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First Entry EVAR! WOO! Okay, Convention post!
aeronautdreamer wrote in sf_cosplay
All right, I think it's best to start off with this. I pretty much did a search for cons within the Alabama - Louisiana borders for conventions that are anime or otherwise.  I mean, at the heart of every cosplay...there's a con.  xD


Science Fiction:

- http://www.mobicon.org
Imagicon - http://www.imagicon.org
Con*Stellation - http://www.con-stellation.org


PersaCon - http://www.persacon.com
Anime Alabama - http://www.animealabama.com
Kami-Con - http://www.kamicon.tk


CoastCon - http://www.coastcon.org


Science Fiction:

Babel*Con - http://www.babelcon.org
Con du Lac - http://www.condulac.net


MechaCon - http://www.mechacon.com
Louisianime - http://www.louisianime.com

I'm letting everyone know that Mississippi doesn't have much from what I can find through google.  x_x;  If anyone can find other conventions to post in the immediate area of these three states, please let me know.

And if I need to branch out to include other states of interest, please comment with them.  I'm just getting it started with a topic.

Also, a plead with anyone with graphics capability, please make this place a good layout?  I don't know how right now.

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Thanks for starting this group! I think it'll really help a bunch of us! I'll keep an eye out for info, and stuff I can post.

Awesome, it's always needed!

And please let the word out that this exists? I want it active! :D

Awesome! We need to start saving up some cash to go to some of these!

Yes! Yes you do. XD; Hopefully, you'll at least be at Dragon*Con? I'm going to try and go...

We're going to try, we should all get a room together!

That would be nice. Again, it's a wait and see type of thing. xD;

Yush, thanks for starting this and woot for convention posting! Feh, as you know, I always go to A-kon in Texas because it's the bigger of the conventions around here (south) and, for me, the only one worth going to Texas for XDD The others there are smaller and the drive is pretty bad for me.

Finally though, at least those of us in Louisiana have something to look forward to as well~

See, sometimes it's not the sheer size that matters. :3 But it's still pretty neat that more are popping up.

And that's kind of the reason why I made this...so we could keep tabs on things in this area.

:D I'm glad you're glad to be here.

I'm going to Dragon*Con! :)

Just thought I'd throw it out there...

Very cool of you for starting this group.

The one place that is good for finding where cons will be is http://www.animecons.com/. They have alot of info.

I have been to Persacon once before, infact it was last year that I went with one of my best friends. Im not sure if I will even be able to go this year though.

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