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aeronautdreamer wrote in sf_cosplay
Got a few questions for the few that are here:

1) What is your favorite costume? Elaborate as to why (just a sentence).

2) How many different ones do you own?

3) What are you working on next?

Pretty simple if you ask me! :D

My Answers:

1) My favorite costume would have to be Marluxia. Yes, I'm dressing as a guy, but I could be as crazy as I wanted to be. It was the first costume I ever wore to an anime convention.

2) I have to count the Civil War, Renaissance, etc. I'd say about...hm...15ish costumes?

3) Ulala from Space Channel 5. It's gonna be awesome!

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1.)hmmm Sephiroth though lately Ed from cowboy bebop XD

2.)lets see.... 12ish? i know im forgetting one or 2 >_>

3.)ok ..Dark Nation (from FF7), Medusa (soul eater), Cube (jet grind radio), Near (death note) and Fraya (FF9)

ooooo You got a picture of the Sephiroth? Sephiroth costumes are always fun

yup theres a few pics in that vid (sorry youtube took the music away =/ )

Looks great! It's so awesome that you toted a Jenova head around, and the Cait Sith was awesome toO!

i just love my mother! *hugs jenova* and thank you so much ^_^

finish dark nation NAO, missy!!

And of course I demand pictures when this happens 8D

im working on the gloves and tail right now... so after that i just have to add the nose and take in the fursute it ended up a bit baggy ^_^;; i got a vid on youtube of whats been done so far.... i just want to finsh it. its taking wayyyy longer than it should lol

lol I kind of feel the same about Ciel right about now ~_~;

1) Out of costumes actually finished, I think my favorite was Zhang He. Lots of little details, butterflies, and the color purple? All my favorite things XD~ He was also quite fun to play as. "Was the enemy camp... pretty?"

2) Wow umm. I'll likely miss some but I have like.. 14 or so actual cosplay costumes. I still own every single one, but there are quite a few that either need repairs or I've outgrown and will no longer be able to wear -tears-

3) Currently? Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. After? Umm... Kuja from Dissidia? Another Ciel costume? XDD Who knows. Likely, I'll get hit into another fandom and do something COMPLETELY different. That's usually how it works.

Gosh. Yeah. :D I think you've got a good run for costumes, m'dear.


BRILLIANT. I want to cosplay him SO BAD

1) My favorite right now is my steampunk geisha costume which isn't even finished. When I wore my mask I scared a little girl without even trying, but when I didn't, I was told I was pretty. I liked that.

2) I only have two, since I've just started cosplaying (and my first Kanda coat died by fire), unless you count my kimono.

3) Kanda Yuu (D.Gray-Man), Yadomaru Lisa (Bleach), Ise Nanao (Bleach), popcorn people (The Animation Show), Hibari Kyoya (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) I'm taking my time on some of these, though.

Oh. I might also cosplay Ichihara Yuuko (xxxHOLIC) and maybe a One Piece character later. So many ideas!

So many ideas, so little time. You know? XD; You'd be an awesome Yuuko. And STEAMPUUUUNK! We need to get a group together for that.

Well, I'm not part of a steampunk group, but Paige [Do you know Paige? Wait; probably not.] was the one who got me interested in it. You might have seen her at Imagicon in her robot nanny get-up. It would be nice to be part of a group that does something other than the whole 'I-bought-a-pair-of-goggles-so-I'm-steampunk' thing. lol

the popcorn people?!?! LMAO! I want to see that when its done!
"everybody dance!"

It'll be me and another person. We kind of want to stand around and do some of the dialogue. He's handling most, if not all, of the costume construction, though.

Definately do Kanda Yuu, that would be cool

I've got my new coat (first uniform). A few more pieces, a few more tweaks, and it'll be ready.

1) What is your favorite costume? Elaborate as to why (just a sentence).

Hmm. Well, this could be a problem, as none of my costumes have names, since I make them up.
Well, I like that Dark Victorian costume I've worn quite a bit (wore it last year at OmegaCon last) I think I love each costume I work on, for different reasons. I don't think I've felt like one was the fav out of all.

2) How many different ones do you own?

Woah...I don't even know the real answer to that. Hmm. Partly because I mix and match a lot, and some costumes are still in incomplete stages. Partly because I recycle and remake some costumes out of others as soon as I'm over it. I sometimes dismantle right after a con to work on something else. I rarely throw anything away, but sometimes I'm just done with it, so I use it's parts for something else. Sooo, of the top of my head I would say that I actually only have about seven complete costumes. I'm gearing up for cons this year...

3) What are you working on next?

Secret stuff. :D Nah, seriously, I don't want to jinx myself, so I haven't talked a ton about my costume plans with peeps, unless I"m doing something with them as group or duo. Like with Beth, one of which you can see here: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewTaggedPhoto&friendID=177706649&imageUserID=25831514&imageID=36173558

She and I are also attempting(finally!) our Elizabeth Swann and Tia Dalma duo.
Generally speaking, future plans for specific costumes include, but not limited to:
Two comic characters (my first time actually dressing as a specific character from something)
Tia Dalma (again, first time, as above)
Two things inspired by two favorite artists
Something inspired by a favorite designer
One gimmick inspired by Tropic Thunder

...and probably some other random bits and pieces tossed in.

Future plans (next year) for stuff from anime include Last Exile, FMA, Bleach and Trinity Blood. (If I have time/resources, maybe Bleach this year.)

That picture is so pretty. Can't wait to see you in it!

Yay, thanks!! I hope we can get the logistics sorted out. As you may have read our comments on that pic, the boob thing is an almost impossible issue. Gah. I swear. I can't hardly wear anything cool.

Hey, what's your name on MS, by the way? I think I need to sort out a Who's Who between LJ and MS. :D

Right now, my name is 'Volunteer', but it changes whenever I feel like it.

Oh, yay, it's YOU!!! See what I mean? ;)

TIA DALMA IS AWESOME. I was always so hoping someone I knew would cosplay her!

Last Exile. I'm so glad someone else has watched that series besides me.

And you, my dear, would be an awesome Tia. Please do it, and I would have to take photos of you. I hope you wouldn't mind, but Tia costumes are rarely done well.

Your future plans and whatnot sound awesome and the costumes you came up with for Imagicon were beautiful.

Hey, thanks!!!! I'd just pulled those two together the days of sorta; they were in pieces because I had not actually planned to attend that con. So I busted out the sewing machine on Thursday after midnight, and Friday night after I went home, so I would have something to try out at con.

I'm really, really, happy to be finally working on my Tia. She was my favorite costume from that second movie. Jack and Will follow in a tie at second, of course.

Dude, Last Exile, shot straight to my Favorite Animes Of All Time list. When I first saw it I was floored, so beautiful, well written, everything. And the ending. Gah. I swear these people live to crush my soul! LOL Anyhoo, yes I love it. It's another one Greg made me watch, but this time he hit jackpot! Actually he hit it twice! (Fruits Basket)

1) What is your favorite costume? Elaborate as to why (just a sentence).

My Rufus Shinra suit (yeah Im a girl but I still love the suit) Technically I didnt make anything but when it is all put together it is smooth looking.

2) How many different ones do you own? I have a Ed coat that I usually wear with Ed pants (black pants decked out with different pictures of Ed Elric) and ny Ginji Aman0.

3) What are you working on next? Sparta from DMC, and I want to do Roxas from KH, Ulquiorra from Bleach

Oooo Ulquiorra costumes are always cool!

lol I was just talking about the Turks with someone. Rufus needs them standing behind him.

1) What is your favorite costume? Elaborate as to why (just a sentence).
Tifa Lockhart - It was my first finished costume that I made from scratch, and I was very proud of the end result!

2) How many different ones do you own?
Let's see....Rukia x2, Tifa, Zorro,...That would be 4. Yes, I'm a noob :)

3) What are you working on next?
Lucy/Nyu from Elfenlied! And shortly thereafter, Rin Asano from Blade of the Immortal

Lol. Hey nothing wrong with being a newbie.

And I can't wait to see your Lucy. If you need anymore help with things don't hesitate to ask...and I found a source for socks:


Shipping's free no matter how small or big the order.

Wonderful! I love free things, and shipping is usually what gets ya

Does it count as a group cosplay if I put together a Makie Otonotachibana?

A Blade of the immortal group would rock so much...I'm Rin, You're Makie, Sasuke's Manji, Sheridan's Hyakurin...that would be the ultimate

I didn't know Sheridan was cosplaying Hyakurin! That's awesome. I need to get Jon to look at BotI. You know he'd dig it, and then he could dress up, too.

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