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egon by fuyu
spooksquad_ wrote in sf_cosplay
Hey, I  thought this would be a perfect place to ask!     If anyone works from patterns, what good patterns have people used for the Bleach captains uniforms? And for kimonos?  I've used one kimono pattern (I think it is a Butterick) and I don't necessarily like it.

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Oooh, this. I think I've seen that pattern you're talking about, but it was all wonky. I don't know how to explain it. Not....traditional enough? :|

Oh yeah! It may be the same one, I'll go try to find it to be sure, but I did not really like it at all! Definitely not traditional enough, and I didn't really have time to modify anything to try to make it so. I thought FolkWear had one, but I may have been thinking of another company. Hmm...


??? Is this the one you're talking about?


That's another one. O_o; I...can ask around to see if anyone knows of a good one.


Forgive me if this isn't helpful?

Thanks for the help!

Hmm, those links are all showing as the same McCall one in my Snap preview, but it's not that one.
I just had that pattern a couple of days ago as I was going through all of them (I finally got my sewing space cleaned and sorted!), lemme go see if I can put my hands on it if I haven't already misplaced it again!

Found it!! It's Butterick's 6698 kimono pattern. I kinda hate it now, I think. LOL


This website shows how to make a yukata. I made one, so it can't be THAT hard.

Incidentally, there are some distinctions between yukata and other kimono. If anyone is interested, I can elaborate. I'd imagine that for cosplay, especially for the Bleach characters, it wouldn't matter, though. Most kimono follow the same sort of straight line pattern.

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